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The difference between patent and copyright
11 of Aug, 2017

The difference between patent and copyright

When we speak of patents we would be talking about an invention, whereas copyrights involve the expression of an idea, as in a work of art; that’s why different rules apply to each one of them.


Usually protecting the expression of ideas, as in books, films, paintings, computer programs and songs. Yet, copyrights will not protect the process through which the work of art or creation was made nor the used information throughout (ex. Instructions).

In the case of a cookbook, people wouldn’t be able to reproduce the book without permission because it is an artistic piece of work and it has copyrights, however when people would get the recipes they can practice it freely, because the recipe has got no patent therefore anyone can do it without legal consequences.

Components of copyright

Rights in copyrights are divided into two, first the moral right and second the economic rights. As for the economic rights, they include the right to copy or publish a work or any substantial part of it. as for moral rights, they encompass the right to the integrity of the work also the right to be listed as its author.

Terms of copyright

Generally, copyright lasts 50 years after the death of the author; there are certain exceptions when it comes to live performances and sound recordings, mainly depending on the country’s regulations.


it’s a right that’s given from the government, denying others the right to make, use or sell your invention. Patents mainly protect inventions as in new processes, chemicals or machines. Patents protect ideas and not only their expressions. Patents give their beholders the right to stop any use of the invention by a third party. 

Registering patents

Patents have got to be registered. Otherwise as an inventor you would be your invention at the risk of being stolen by someone who would find out about it and claim it as their own. The general requirements for patentability are:

    1. The invention must be novel
    2. The invention must be useful
    3. The invention must show ingenuity 

    P.S. patents expire 20 years after the filing date for their registration. 

    * Source:  http://cjam.info/en/difference-copyright-and-patent


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