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05 of Jan, 2010

UAE to have circuits for cyber crimes

H.E. Dr. Hadef Jowan Al Dhahiri, Minister of Justice, issued today a ministerial resolution setting competent circuits at courts of first instance across the country to hear criminal cases related to IT crimes and employ specialist judges within the vision of the federal cabinet for establishing specialised courts. 

Dr. Al Dhahiri said the holistic progress the UAE is witnessing in all walks of life - in particular the economic and financial sectors, the ICT and knowledge revolution - had made it necessary for the judiciary and legislations to keep abreast of these developments by creating specialised judicial circuits to serve litigants and issue prompt verdicts on such cases. 

"The Ministry is planning to bring into life specialized courts to handle new types of disputes in the judicial sector,he added. He indicated that the UAE issued Federal Law No. (2) of 2006 on the Prevention of Information Technology Crimes to avert threats that could come out of misuse of IT given the fact that the era of ICT and knowledge revolution the world is living today has imposed a new reality making modern technology a basic norm of daily life. 

He noted that the UAE introduced this law out of its firm determination to consolidate principles of safe community and arrive at an up-to-date system of legislations that will bolster measures for administering justice and upholding the rule of law in fighting cyber crimes and deterring abusers of technology He disclosed that a group of national judges had obtained PhD in cyber crimes and legislations.